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  • How to get computer properties using WMI in C#

    Posted on October 24, 2012 by in Dotnet Tips & Tricks, Tips & Tricks

    List of Properties: Data Type Property Name uint16 AdminPasswordStatus boolean AutomaticManagedPagefile boolean AutomaticResetBootOption boolean AutomaticResetCapability uint16 BootOptionOnLimit uint16 BootOptionOnWatchDog boolean BootROMSupported string BootupState string Caption uint16 ChassisBootupState string CreationClassName sint16 CurrentTimeZone boolean DaylightInEffect string Description string DNSHostName string Domain uint16 DomainRole boolean EnableDaylightSavingsTime uint16 FrontPanelResetStatus boolean InfraredSupported string InitialLoadInfo datetime InstallDate uint16 KeyboardPasswordStatus string LastLoadInfo […]

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