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  • APPV FAQ 1

    Posted on May 30, 2013 by in APPV Interview FAQ, Desktop Engineering, Frequently Asked Interview Q's

    The following are Frequently Asked Questions on APP-V during an interview for Application Packaging/Virtualization Positions:
    The question and answers are being collected from Various blogs and Articles. My effort is confined to collecting as much material as possible from various sources and publishing it at once place.

  • App-V FAQ 1

    Posted on August 1, 2012 by in Application Virtualization

    The following are the most commonly asked Application virtualization questions.

    What is App-V Sequencing
    The process of creating a virtualized package using App-V sequencer is known as App-V sequencing. The Microsoft Application Virtualization (or App-V) Sequencer is a component of the App-V suite used to package your applications to be deployed to systems using the App-V client. Properly sequencing applications is the key to a successful App-V implementation.

    What is VFS Sequencing
    The method of allowing an Application to install on C: drive during the monitoring phase of the sequencing is termed as VFS sequence.

    What is MNT Sequencing
    The “MNT” portion indicates that when the application was installed during the monitoring phase of Sequencing it was installed to the drive letter used as the client’s mount point.This type of sequencing method is termed as MNT sequencing.