• SAS Project 2: Clinical Trials….SAS Technical Problem to solve….DIY

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    Another small SAS Screening Problem asked at Amgen Inc

    For the data below…


    Patient Dose Date
    001 01Jan2003
    001 02Jan2003
    002 15Mar2003
    002 01Mar2003
    003 01Apr2003
    004 19Mar2003


    Patient AE Start Date AE Text
    001 31Dec2002 Headache
    001 02Jan2003 Blurry Vision
    001 02Jan2003 Anxiety
    002 02Mar2003 Migraine
    002 01Mar2003 Constipation
    002 15Mar2004 Athlete’s Foot
    003 02Apr2003 Depression
    003 02Apr2003 Rash


    Patient Dose Date AE Start Date AE Text
    001 01Jan2003 02Jan2003 Blurry Vision
    001 01Jan2003 02Jan2003 Anxiety
    002 01Mar2003 01Mar2003 Constipation
    002 01Mar2003 02Mar2003 Migraine
    003 01Apr2003 02Apr2003 Depression
    003 01Apr2003 02Apr2003 Rash


    1. Using SAS procedures and data steps, combine the Dose and AE datasets together to get the Final dataset. The Final dataset should include adverse events that occurred on a dosing date or one day after a dosing date.
    2. Do the same task without using a data step.
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