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    The following are Frequently Asked Questions duirng an interview for Application Packaging Position:
    The question and answers are being collected from Various MSI blogs and Articles. My effort is confined to collecting as much material as possible from various sources and publishing it at once place.

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    How to stop the installation if a specific file is not present on the machine



    Following steps should be used.
    Add a custom property and set the value to “NULL”
    • Add a system search for File, add the above property in property section, Operation is “Search all fixeddrive for the file”, search depth 255, and last the filename
    • Add a “Terminate Installation” Custom Action after CostFinalize with Condition Property=”NULL” 



    How to stop the installation if any older version of the product is already installed

     By clicking the cancel button. But do a launch condition.


    How to make sure that the package only gets installed on WinXP SP3


    Launch condition with conditions
    VersionNT = “501” And ServicePackLevel = “3”




    What are the types of Setup Captures in Wise / Install shield?


     In Wise Package Studio there are three types

    Virtual Capture: Creates a clean virtual OS on your computer, and the installation is redirected in the clean virtual OS.

    SmartMonitor: Watches the installation and records the changes the installation performs.

    Snapshot: Scan the computer before and after the installation and record the differences between the first scan and the second. 

    In Install Shield there are two types

    Installation Monitor: Repackager watches lower-level system activities and records related changes made to the system by the setup programs.

    Snapshot: Scan the computer before and after the installation and record the differences between the first scan and the second. 


    How to find the entry for corrupt components in a MSI Package using wise package studio?

     In the Tables Section, by pressing “F4”



    You are asked to setup a new infrastructure
    for the packaging team with 10 packagers.
    They have 2 Virtual Machines & one physical machines each.
    They use VM’s to capture the application and then use the
    physical machine to do the remaining task. You wants to make sure the maintenance of this setup will be easy and centralized. How should you setup the WPS to achieve this goal.

     Install the server components on a centralised server. Create a wisesharepoint and have all the packagers acess to it. This will be the centralised location for the team to share the packages, scripts custom actions.

    The client components will be installed on the packaging machines both virutal and physical.


     What is the name of default msi template in WPS

     “Windows Application.wsi”



    You have an old machine, which can just run one virtual machine
    but if you try to create any big package on it then the entire
    machines becomes unresponsive. You have WPS installed on the base machine as well as virtual machine. You have been asked to create a very big package, What are your options.


    Use VirtualOS feature to create the package.



     How you validate the MSI using Wise Package Studio?


    In Wise Package Studio, by using “Package Validation” option by selecting the MSI with the default Cub file or Browse your own Cub file.

    In Install Shield, by Build → Validate → Default Cub file or Browse your own Cub file.



    What is Orca tool & what is the purpose and Advantages?


     Microsoft utility to view, update, validate MSI & MST files.

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