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    The following are Frequently Asked Questions duirng an interview for Application Packaging Position:
    The question and answers are being collected from Various MSI blogs and Articles. My effort is confined to collecting as much material as possible from various sources and publishing it at once place.

    S No.




    What is the significance of   REINSTALL property The value of REINSTALL property should be the list of   features delimited by commas that are to be reinstalled.The features name should be present in Feature table.

    REINSTALL=ALL means that all the features which are installed   should be reinstalled. It will not install the none installed features.


    Where can I find the schematic of   the msi file In “_Validation” table of the MSI package


    What is the best method of adding Network   shortcuts in an msi ● Create a property eg. INSTDIR in Property table
    ● Populate it with the network directory
    ● Create a property eg SHORTCUT1 in Property table. (If not   using Wise)
    ● Polulate it with the full UNC path along with the executable   name (If not using Wise.)
    ● Create a shortcut using the shortcut under the shortcut table
    ● Update the WkDir coloum in Shorcut table with INSTDIR (and no do NOT add   brakets [] before and after INSTDIR).
       104 How to reregister the MSI engine. MSIExec   /unregisterMSIExec   /regserver


    Name few advantages of using admin installation   while deployment. • Installs faster
    • Patching is easy


    What conditions be set to allow MSI installation engine   to run a custom action during installation & repair but not at   uninstallation If NOT INSTALLED
    {the   custom action}


    How to create a nested MSI installation. http://technico.qnownow.com/nested-msi-concurrent-installations/


    How to register Fonts File Use Fonts table.


    In which table files from “Execute Program from   installation” are stored In BINARY table.


    What is the recommended way of handling   COM objects? Need to find out. Please comment to this post if   you know the answer.
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