• Installing Windows8 on a Virtual machine:

    Posted on April 20, 2012 by in Windows 8

    The following error shows up while building a virtual machine with windows8.
    “Windows cannot read the Product Key from the unattended answer file”


    I have provided step by step instructions with screenshots on how to create a virtual machine for Windows8.

    1. First important thing is to upgrade VMware Workstation to version 8. Windows8 cannot be installed on a lower version of vmware workstation.
    2. Download the version of windows8 you want to build to your local disk or usd disk in an iso format.
    3. Launch Vmware Workstation8 and click on create a New virtual Machine
    4. Select Custom and Click Next
    5. In the dropdown select Workstation8.0 and click next
    6. Important: select the radio button I will install the Operating system later and click next

      If we select the first two options then the product key error shows up.
    7. Select Windows7 x64 and click next
    8. Specify the virtual machine name and location and click next
    9. Select all the default values for Processor configuration, memory, Network type, Controller type,
      Select disk, Disk type, Disk capacity.
    10. Click finish on the Ready to create virtual machine window.
    11. Important: Before powering On the virtual machine Goto Vm settings and Click on CD/DEV
    12. Select the ISO file and click on.
    13. Now power on the Virtual machine and Explore Windows8.


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