• Edit shortcut on App V update (Sequencer 4.6 SP1):

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    Edit shortcut on App V update (Sequencer 4.6 SP1): 

    I came through a situation where I have to do an update the App V package and need to make changes to Shortcut name like appending the revised version to shortcut name.

    So I started Modifying an Existing package:

    And then selected Update Application in Existing package.

    After playing with the Sequencer, I realized that the Update Task does not have a Customize option and the actual package have two shortcuts and one was deleted at the customization part while sequencing.

    NOTE: Not deleted the shortcut immediately after the Installation.

    Though I have deleted the shortcut during the customization, when I started using the Update task, it showed up 2 shortcuts and don’t have option to customize(Edit or Delete) those.

    If you want to edit the shortcut or update the package with new OSD file names, we need to use Add New Application Task

    Below are the steps to do that. In my example I have edited the Shortcut 1 and changed the name to Shortcut 1 Updated  deleted the Shortcut 2

    Click Next

    Click on Browse, and select the Project file (.SPRJ)

    Click Next

    Click Next.

    Click Next.

    I prefer to Perform a Custom Installation.

    Click Next.

    Once you done with your update, check I am finished Installing and click Next.

    If you want to do any configuration, select the shortcut and Run.

    Click Next.

    Now comes the part needed.

    Here you can edit the shortcuts.

    Select the shortcut you want to edit and Right click and Edit:

    Change the values and click save.

    If you want to delete the shortcut, select the shortcut, Right click and click on Remove.

    Click Next.

    Run the applications, if you want to create the Feature blocks and click Next.

    Note: If you don’t Run and click next, all the data stored in a single Feature block.

    You can click save the package now or Continue to modify.

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