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    Command to know the version of Powershell


     Get-Host <enter> 

    In the below example you will notice that the powershell version 3.0 is being displayed.

    There are four categories of PowerShell commands:

    1. Cmdlet (Command-Let)
    2. PowerShell Functions
    3. PowerShell Scripts
    4. Native Windows commands.

    PowerShell commands have been standardized using a “verb-noun” naming convention know as a cmdlet. This standard simplifies the learning curve and provides a better description of what the cmdlet does. To see a list of cmdlets available in PowerShell type the following cmdlet:

    Get-command <enter>
    <enter> denotes typing the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.
    Commands in PowerShell are NOT Case Sensitive

    The “Name” column lists the cmdlets in the “verb-noun” naming convention.

    To list all the commands that use a specific verb. The following command yields all cmdlets that use the verb “Set”

    get-command -Verb Set <enter>

    Try finding commands that use the verbs; Add, Clear, New, and Get.

    Similarly you can use commands that use specific nouns. Type the following command to see which cmdlets use the noun “computer”

    get-command -Noun computer <enter>

    Getting help
    In learning new technologies, it is important to find information quickly and easily. Get-Help cmdlet has been designed for that purpose; this will be the most utilized cmdlet until you become more proficient.

    Get-Help Examples:
    Information about Get-Help cmdlet. Includes description, syntax, and remarks.


    Information about all available help topics.

    Get-Help *

    Information about a specific cmdlet.

    Get-Help Get-Service

    Two other forms of the Get-Help cmdlet exist, the noun “Help” and the “-?” parameter. Help, by itself provides the same info as Get-Help *. Use Help with a cmdlet as follows, Help Get-Service. With the help parameter, Get-Service -?.

    Using Cmdlets

    To know all the cmdlets associated with the noun Service

     Get-command -noun service <enter>

    To know what services are running on the computer Type cmdlet:

    get-service <enter>

    To know the status of a specific service  Type:

    Get-service -name Ampagent <enter>

    To Start a particualr service Type:

    Start-service -name Ampagent <enter>

    To Stop a specific service Type:

    stop-service -name Ampagent <enter>

    In this example we are using Ampagent service.

    This example should give you an idea on how to use cmdlets. start playing with different cmdlets to get more idea on them.

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